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Decorating tools, rollers, paint brushes are just some of our products.


Not only does our range include solvents for use in our coatings and degreasing etc. We also supply a wide range of industrial solvents for industry.

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Panel wipe

Panel wipe

SKU: 50/5pw
Sales price: £14.00

Stoving Thinner

Stoving Thinner

SKU: 50/13
Sales price: £59.00



SKU: 50/4
Sales price: £11.80

Synthetic Thinner

Synthetic Thinner for use in single pack polyurethane ...

SKU: 50/2
Sales price: £12.94

Polyurethane Thinner

1 Hour polyurethane thinner.

SKU: 50/1B
Sales price: £12.86

Epoxy Thinner

2 pack epoxy thinner

SKU: 50/6
Sales price: £12.86

No 1 Thinner

No 1 Thinner

SKU: 50/1
Sales price: £11.80


Gunwash / Std Thinner

SKU: 50/5
Sales price: £9.45
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