Powerpainter 90 – Extra Spraypack

Product code: WPP90
Product code: WPP90

Powerpainter 90 – Extra Spraypack


  • Innovative, high-efficiency airless technology (HEA): The HEA ProTip nozzle ensures up to 55% less overspray, as well as a longer service life thanks to reduced spray pressure.
  • Easy painting: Noticeably easier paint application thanks to a soft spraying pattern with maximum control.
  • Direct suction from the original container: The airless paint spraying system extracts materials directly
    out of the paint bucket or varnish container.

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Comfortable: The variably adjustable telescopic handle allows a convenient transport on the construction site and a space-saving storage of the device.

Pressure gauge: Allows the perfect control of pressure in coordination with the material being processed.

DIN 6, 15 m high-pressure hose: for a large radius of action.

Integrated storage box: Ideal for storing tools and accessories.

Innovative HEA nozzle technology: two nozzle bores, one directly in front of the other, guarantee a perfect spray pattern with high material throughput even in low pressure ranges.

Lightweight airless gun with four-finger trigger: for fatigue-free and safe work.

Inlet pusher valve: for a high operating reliability and easy commissioning. Just the press of a finger, and the valve is free.

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