SuperFinish 33 Plus Spraypack

Product code: SF33
Product code: SF33

SuperFinish 33 Plus Spraypack

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    SuperFinish 33 is the most powerful airless diaphragm pump from WAGNER. Equipped with the QLS long stroke technology, SuperFinish 33 can reliably process many materials from low-viscosity materials to emulsions to highly viscous corrosion protection. Thus, SuperFinish 33 Plus is a must for every painter who works on large projects. The diaphragm pump is reliable and requires little maintenance, thanks to inlet valves with a three times longer service life and improved cooling for reduced wear. In addition to the product features that SuperFinish 33 Pro also offers, SuperFinish 33 Plus also impresses with a multi-function switch and a 230 V socket for connecting TempSpray heating hoses, for example. The spraypack comes with the high-quality Vector Grip airless gun.

    • Versatile applications: The SuperFinish 33 Plus can process a diverse range of materials and service a wide variety of industries and project sizes.
    • Optimum efficiency and productivity: With a delivery rate of 4.3 litres per minute, the SuperFinish 33 Plus is the most powerful WAGNER diaphragm pump in the professional segment.
    • Quality LongStroke Technology (QLS): For a long service life, easy maintenance and low wear.
    • Practical multi-gun operation: For parallel use, a distributor adapter for connecting up to three airless guns is available separately as an accessory.
    • Flexible use: Switch the pump position with a single hand movement from working with the top container to the rigid suction system with fine filter meshes.
    • Illuminated multifunction switch: For switching on/off as well as circulation and spray mode. This prevents accidental switching on or off while the system is under pressure.
    • Technical data:

      • Materials handled: release agents and oils, undercoats, primers, fillers, synthetic resin-based paints, acrylic paints, emulsion paints, latex paints, anti-corrosive agents, flame retardants, fabric adhesives
      • Max. nozzle size: 0,033″
      • Max. delivery rate: 4,3 l/min
      • Operating pressure: 25 MPa
      • Weight: 50 kg
      • Motor output: 2,2 kW
      • Voltage: 110V
      • Possible suction systems (accessories may be required): hopper, rigid suction system
      • Technology: diaphragm pump
      • Drive: electrical
      • Explosion protection: no
      • Two-position cart: yes
      • Multifunction switch: yes
      • Integrated socket: yes

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