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M.J. Supplies was founded upon the basic principle that quality throughout all our projects would be rewarded by success. That is why we have invested in the latest technology and the very best people, and will continue to do so. However, our commitment to total customer satisfaction goes further than simply the quality and finish apparent in all our work. It pervades the whole Company and encompasses every aspect of our organisation.We have also made a substantial commitment to technical development of new and existing products sure in the belief that this will enable us to continue providing paints and finishes to meet the ever increasing demands of today\'s industry and commerce. Furthermore, because of our attention to detail, providing a high level of service and meeting specific technical requirements, are areas in which we excel. All our coatings demonstrate more than just a successfully completed project; they are a testimonial to the quality, finish and durability of our products, both now and for many years to come. Our well equipped, self contained laboratory and production facilities in Hapton feature all that is best in paint processing, whilst our staff are highly skilled team players who enable us to promise an unsurpassed level of quality which meets or exceeds all UK and European legislative standards.

Featured Products

Industrial paint suppliers

Industrial Paint CoatingsIndustrial Paint Coatings Set up with the aim of providing a level of service above and beyond that of other companies in the industry, we have built a reputation for excellence that we are proud of. We never forget however, that you are only as good as your last job and so, not content to rest on our laurels, we constantly strive to make improvements in every area of our business. Whilst appearance is always an important factor in all painting tasks, especially where decorative paint is concerned, we realise that performance and durability are the key factors that most businesses are looking for when they deal with us. Plant and machinery items are a major investment for companies and making sure that they get the most out of each piece of equipment that they purchase is essential to managing costs and running a profitable enterprise. Regular maintenance and training staff in the use of this equipment are two ways in which to achieve this aim and areas that every company should pay special attention to. In addition to this, using the best machinery paint possible has a major impact on the longevity of capital purchases. If you have a look through the plant and machinery section of our site you will see that we carry a full range of high quality paints, lacquer, filler and other products that have been especially developed not only for their excellent performance in the workplace but also to offer you the best value for money possible.

Fence, railings and timber care

Outside areas of factories and warehouses can quickly take on an air of dilapidation if they are not maintained regularly. Of course, when you are trying to run a successful business your focus is usually on filling customers orders and ensuring the smooth running of every department in the company. Commercial paints can help to minimize the amount of time you need to spend on general repair work in the yard, and skimping in this area can often turn out to be a false economy in the long run. We have many paints made specifically to protect both metal fences and wooden structures in outside areas and these are designed to give both a professional look to your premises as well as to help keep them in a good state of repair for longer. Polyurethane paint is the most popular choice of coating for external fencing, owing to its tough, hardwearing properties. You will find that we sell everything you may need for this work, including primer and lacquer. For wooden benches and sheds we sell several different types of preservative as well as various wood stains to enhance the appearance and add a bit of colour to the premises. This helps to make outside staff relaxation areas more pleasant places to spend a break in. Using these, in conjunction with the industrial paints designed for outside use that we carry, will make sure that visitors see your business as a modern, profitable concern, which is always useful during negotiations.

Residential applications

Our main area of operation is in the manufacture and supply of paints for commercial premises. We do however carry a number of good quality paints that are suitable for residential properties and office areas as well. Our masonry paint is chosen for the protection it offers against pollution and weathering. A house is probably the biggest single purchase that most people will ever make and so it is important to protect your investment by using the right materials. Machinery paint is obviously designed with different issues in mind but our technical staff are equally committed to ensuring that the paint we sell for domestic purposes is of a similarly high quality, and put the same effort into making sure that everything we sell is fit for the purpose it is intended for. Many of our corporate customers also take advantage of the products that we offer for use around the home as they are already familiar with our commitment to providing top quality materials. The polyurethane paint that we carry for industrial fences and railings also makes an excellent coating for ornamental gates and railings that you may have outside your house. As well as external paint we also have a number of emulsions with various finishes, including good quality vinyl silk emulsions that as well as looking great, are dirt resistant and easy to clean. Most of these are also low odour, to cut down an any disturbance that redecorating your house may cause you and your family.

Concrete floor paints

Epoxy Garage Concrete Floor PaintsEpoxy Garage Concrete Floor Paints Warehouse and factory floors are an area that come in for a lot of abuse over the course of a working year. Forklifts and other heavy machinery can quickly take their toll in places where poorer quality paints are used and we have done our best to source only the best products for this purpose. Depending on your particular line of business you can choose from various different types of paint. There are normally anti-slip versions available for each type and some are especially designed to be resistant to chemical attack for those who need this. Epoxy garage floor paint is also useful in a domestic environment and will help to keep your garage looking good and make it much easier to keep clean. For uneven surfaces you can choose a self-levelling epoxy coating, which is also resistant to chemicals. Line marking aerosols are available in several colours, designed not to clog, and will adhere to many surfaces, including concrete, grass and gravel, so can be used both inside and outside. Many of the coatings we carry have very good ?wet edge? times which makes them perfect industrial floor paints especially for painting larger areas. We understand that the process of painting floors in industrial areas may be disruptive and can delay ongoing work, so all our floor coverings are chosen for durability as well as their other qualities. They are also chosen to be low maintenance where possible so that your staff can concentrate on your core business tasks.

Work wear and Health & Safety

To complement our range of industrial coverings we also stock plenty of general work wear and safety equipment for your convenience. Again, although price is an important consideration, and we do our best to keep costs as low as possible, all our products in this range are of good quality and are manufactured to industry standards where relevant. Even when applying decorative paint at home it is sensible to take precautions and use the right equipment. You obviously will not be needing some of the more specialised items that we carry for industrial applications, but dust masks and safety goggles are two things that can help to protect you from unnecessary health problems when taking on jobs around the house. For health and safety in the workplace we have dual cartridge respirators designed for wearing when using spray guns as well as double gas cartridge masks which are designed to be lightweight so that they can be comfortably worn for long periods at a time. When using an industrial paint sprayer goggles are of course necessary too and as mentioned above we have these in stock. Hi visibility waistcoats are not only a useful safety precaution in many industrial environments but are also a necessary item of clothing to conform with current health and safety regulations in many areas. If you have a look through our work wear section you will see a number of other items that are designed to make working in various conditions safer and more comfortable.

Commercial paint sprayer

We have a wide selection of spray equipment suitable for both domestic and industrial use. Models with stainless steel parts are designed for water-based as well as solvent-based paints, and many spray units come with spare tips and filters as standard, which can represent a substantial cost saving. We also carry spares and accessories for the various models at competitive prices. For applications where precision is a must, we have an electrostatic system that is lightweight and features a trigger mounted high voltage switch. You can also find an airless paint sprayer that is economical and provides an excellent finish for many applications. If you require any advice about the products on our website then please feel free to call our technical support team who will be more than happy to assist you in any way they can. We place great emphasis on staff training and motivation and have our own in-house laboratory and production facility where many of the items you see on sale are manufactured. We constantly invest in the latest technologies and the improvement of our industrial paint coatings so that we can be confident we are always offering our customers the best possible products. As well as being a leading manufacturer and supplier in the industry we are also pleased to be able to offer our supply and apply service where we take care of the whole job for you, from initial site inspection and provision of an estimate, through to satisfactory completion of the work.

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